Change the message on birthday

See the current birthday message

Here we will see how to change the message on birthday

First, do !config birthdaymsg. It will show you the current birthday message :

Here it is what it looks like if you didn't change anything

To edit the birthday message, you will need to do

!config birthdaymsg [new message]

But you will want to show the age, say who's birthday

So, if you type anything on the left colomn, it will replace it with the information on the second colomn :

Replacing words table


Replaced with


The user nickname on the server


The user tag (user#1234)


Mention the user


The user's age


The previous user's age

For example, if you do !config birthdaymsg Happy birthday {{user}}, you are now {{age}} years old !

It will send this this when it will the birthday of someone named HarmoGlace, 25 years old :

Happy birthday @HarmoGlace, you are now 25 years old !

Birthdays will provide you an example. You can see it on the right bottom of the previous screen, by doing !config birthdaymsg