Configuration usage

Birthdays is highly configurable. Here, we are going to see how to use its configuration easily.

In this tutorial, the prefix will be !, you can replace it with your prefix

Open the configuration portal

For that, you will need to do !config

It will show something like that :

As you can see, there are configurations names (in black) and their description.

See the current value of a configuration

If you want to see the value of a current configuration, you have to do

!config <config name>

For example, if you want to see the current value of the prefix, you will do

!config prefix

If you did not change the prefix, it will show that :

On the left, there is the current value, and on the right there is the default value

Change the value of a configuration

If you want to edit the prefix, you have to do !config prefix <new prefix> (it is written in the description)

For example, if I want to set the prefix to ?, I will do that :

!config prefix ?

It will show that :

You can do that for every configuration