Starting to use Birthdays

You need to have the administrator permission on your server to follow this

Add Birthdays to your server

First, you will need to add it to your server with this link : click here

The default prefix is !

Set a birthdays channel

A birthdays channel is a channel where messages will be sent on birthdadys.

For that, we will use the config command. I will explain this command later in this documentation

You will need to do the following command :

!config birthdaychannel [your channel]

You need to mention the channel, do not give only its name

For example, you can do that :

If the bot doesn't say that, it means that you have made an error somewhere

Now, every member of your discord will need to set its birthday.

Look at

Now, Birthdays will wish birthdays to members of your discord !

Do you want to edit the message on birhtday ? See